Why Fashion Betters Our Lives

I’m very fascinated by how the focus of designer fashion brands isn’t to just sell clothing... 

it’s evident that clothing is a very important part of our lives whether we’re into fashion or not, clothing plays a vital role in everyone’s lives. For example, one of the first things we do on a daily picks out an outfit to leave the house in… or sometimes the first thing we do is put on some comfy sweatpants and a t-shirt (by wäke lol) to walk around the house in. Okay, I won’t go on much longer about that point, yes clothing is important to us.


 What fascinates me is how the primary focus of designer brands isn’t to just make clothing for people to wear, despite the fact that clothing is so important to us and our bodies. It’s interesting to me how the number one focus of designer brands is to create experiences for people to live their lives within. It’s the feelings and awe behind designer brands that interest us all about them, whether we like fashion or not.

  As a fashion enthusiast, one thing that frustrates me is how people sometimes don’t see the bigger picture when a very bizarre piece from a new Balenciaga Spring Collection runway show hits the internet. I mean, I can’t expect everyone to understand, I know, but it’s actually funny to me how people fall for the trick and start sharing that bizarre piece all over the place, having a run-on dialog about it.

  Art is meant to be controversial and spark thought, it’s meant to spark conversation through that thought whether that conversation is objective or understanding. I believe this is one of the very interesting ways that fashion brands create these experiences through creating controversial thought-provoking conversations. Whether that’s through their art direction, set design for an event or ad, or the clothing pieces they create.

  As a streetwear clothing company, that is venturing into creating other brands under the wäke umbrella, this has always been a very important part of the wäke brand. Creating experiences and spaces for people to express themselves is so so important to us! 

  I am very excited about diving more into creating new experiences for everyone that follows the wäke brand, to enjoy. Some of those new experiences are what we’re doing with @theyselfbywake and a new retail-based brand that I will be curating @PASHkicks (both on Instagram) for everyone to enjoy.

"Fashion is creating experiences and spaces for people to express themselves."


  From day one this has always been about connecting with our audience on a deeper level and empowering people to love themselves and express themselves in the deepest way possible.

  This is what fascinated me about fashion brands, how they’re not just about clothing, rather creating spaces, experiences, and conversations THROUGH clothing for people to experience, love, and live by. 

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