What is the Heart of Streetwear Culture?

"In my opinion, Street/wear culture was always about mental health or free thought. The essence of it deriving from Hip Hop culture is that of self-expression - the ability to express oneself freely." – Tyler Blake


A Few Things To Expect and Look Forward To


Mental Health Awareness Month 2023

This month has been full of many meaningful conversations. We are grateful to be serving the Sioux Falls community this May 2023 in support of Lost&Found, raising proceeds towards suicide prevention and mental health support.

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Pop Up Shops at Shrivers, Downtown Sioux Falls

It's been amazing connecting with the Sioux Falls community, downtown at the Shriving building over the past month. There was a disconnect to our audience being strictly online over the past almost 5 years. Our Pop Up Shops at Shrivers has given us a new relationship with our customers.

Come See Us at Shrivers Square 
Thursday 5/25 • 4PM-7PM
Friday 5/26 • 3PM-7PM
Saturday 5/27 • 1PM-7PM
230 S Phillips Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
[wake Apparel] 


The People Being People Podcast

On the last episode of our podcast @PeopleBeingPeoplePodcast we discussed what it means to have a SOUNDMIND. from our own perspectives. Tune in below, we would love to hear your feedback! 

 The Heart of Streetwear

"Street/wear is a way of life, during my teen years it was the air we breathe... it was how we survived and navigated everyday life on the South Side of Chicago, the heart the culture is LOVE+SELFACCEPTANCE. 

I believe that every kid in the ghetto's of America feels the same way, whether New York Queens or Harlem... Los Angeles, California... Houston Texas... Atlanta Georgia... everywhere. Streetwear has alway's been about our individual stories and bringing those stories together as a collective.

At wake we just want to share that love with you." – Tyler Blake 




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