What Does Self-Love Mean?


Sometimes the word self-love can feel and sound so surface level. We think it’s because it's become so popular on social media to the point people mostly see it on Instagram but haven't dove into the true meaning of self-love.

It just feels like a word that's to be used as a hashtag for a cool post, seems almost kind of corny due to the way that social media has painted the word. Self-love truly goes much deeper than a hashtag or post for Instagram.

Self-love is those long nights laying in your bed starring at the ceiling digging through all the trauma and misfortunes in your life, thinking of how you’re going to overcome it, where you're going to get the help your need, or how you're going to make it a reality to heal from the pain that you wrestle with from your past.

Self-love is creating better habits and setting boundaries for yourself and others to ensure healthy relationships! It's learning to be disciplined in the areas of your life where you lack discipline, whether that is spending too much money or going back to abusive relationships.



Have you asked yourself 

"am I willing to open up and take a look deep within?"

"am I willing to address my messy parts for what they are and work towards healing?"


Self-love isn’t a cute picture with the hashtag, it’s way deeper and much more important.

This has always been what is most important to US through every piece of clothing we create. Giving people a sense of embodying self-love through something as simple as wearing a t-shirt, a hoodie, or some sweatpants. Serving as a reminder to those on their journey.

Your journey of healing matters to us and we want you to have a life full of abundance, as much as we want abundance for ourselves.

Know that what you're doing for yourself isn't corny or surface level. It's necessary.


-Tyler & Monalisa

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