Mental Health Awareness Month in Support of Lost&Found


Often times, it’s easy to be silent and “sit in the back of the room” on our struggles. The truth is, our communities need help.

At wake, we are driven to use our platform as an outlet to invest back into our communities.


This month, for Mental Health Awareness Month, we are partnering with Lost&Found in support of the work they do across the state of South Dakota with suicide prevention help and mental health support.

“In 2009, two 16-year-olds debated on Facebook whether writing the word “love” on their arms would be enough to help their friends struggling with mental health and suicide ideation. Over 10 years later, their spirit and idea – to do more to prevent suicide – has guided Lost&Found to apply proactive measures to serve young adults in South Dakota and the surrounding region.” — Lost&Found


Our clothing at wake goes far beyond t shirts and hoodies, wake goes beyond Street/wear in itself but “KNOW THEYSELF. LOVE THEYSELF.” is a movement - it’s culture. We are very excited and tenacious about raising money and awareness for Lost&Found this month incongruent with our SOUNDMIND. T Shirts that are now for preorder. A portion of the profits goes directly to Lost&Found at the end of Mental Health Awareness Month.

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“Lost&Found “does more” to prevent suicide by partnering with community leaders to train peer advocates and mentors, evaluate and measure community prevention outcomes, and deliver digital education and policy tools that are relevant to young adults and their support networks. We apply comprehensive, evidence-based tools to help local leaders confidently choose suicide prevention programs that meet the needs of young adults and their support networks.” — Lost&Found




“We are all much more powerful together when we stand strong with one another and use our voices to bring about change.

When we put young adults at the center of prevention efforts, we can do more to build resilient communities now and for the future.

Our work is about more than just saving lives. We focus on what it means to live life well: with resilience and hope.” — Lost&Found


Learn more about Lost&Found here


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