Few Things To Expect For 2022

Real quick, we would like to share with you what you can expect for us in 2022.
A few things we’ve talked about and been planing for within the year all involve bettering our processes with each brand under the wake umbrella.

We’re excited to be transitioning back into season with our streetwear clothing brand “wake”, so you can expect to be seeing new clothing releases for the brand. We know you’ve missed your favorite hoodies and sweatpants. Don’t worry, be expecting to see some new things from wäke in the coming months.

Although this brand is still very new and we’re still in the process to get things spot on with the product and processes to provide a better customer experience with the brand. A few things you can expect from THEYSELF is a wider variety in styles, sizes, and an overall better presentation with the brand. We are very excited about this goal for THEYSELF by wake 2022.

Some of you may be unfamiliar with our hyped shoe/clothing resell brand, so in 2022 expect to be learning more about this brand and being exposed to everything we will have to offer through PASHkicks.
The point of this blog wasn't to bombard you with a ton of information, rather to let you know it’s game on for 2022. So, be expecting some cool things from us this year.

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