Fashion is Utility

I view fashion the same way I view technology. Maybe the functions of the new iPhone intrigues you or you find its smooth eclectic design trendy? 


This is how I feel about fashion...

  I love seeing and experiencing how a new emerging designer views color combinations or stitching and fabric partners. It makes me feel the same way that the iPhone's new processing speed might make an iPhone user feel about their apps being more functional with the phone's update or new hardware. 

  I believe clothing should not be viewed as an object that we just wear on our bodies, rather something we experience with our senses, something that we adopt either for a utility purpose or an experience. This is why I don’t view clothing or fashion as a bad investment. I think it’s something that is meant to be incorporated into each of our lives, to better our lives.



  Even though Wake is my line, I’ll never get lost in just promoting wake, I just love fashion. Some of my audience might think it’s a disservice to myself and my company but I think otherwise. When I post a photo of myself with maybe a new accessory from Gucci styled with my fit, I don’t think it dims the light that wake shines or it doesn’t bother me that I’m getting DMs of people asking are the pants that I’m wearing wake’s when I bought them from mnml. 


"I believe clothing should not be viewed as an object that we just wear on our bodies, rather something we experience with our senses."

  It’s crazy to me to see where streetwear fashion is heading in the world! Hoodies and sweatpants are becoming daily workwear the same way that the new Samsung Galaxy might add utility to a person's career. 


  Needless to say, this is why I love fashion so much. I view fashion as a tool and outlet that betters our lives in many ways. I believe I love to style outfits for others more than I do for myself. The art of diving into and curating a collection drives me as a creative. Streetwear fashion is a lifestyle for me. Hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, designer brands, and retail company’s intrigue me as much as the new PlayStation or what Sony is working on might interest someone into video games. 


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