Do You Desire To Be Liked?

Whether you believe it or not, to simplify most things we feel on a relational level, it’s all rooted in our desire to be loved and to give love. We all want to be loved and understood at some level in our lives. We all desire to feel content in knowing that there is room for us to be desired and be a friend to someone. I think sometimes these thoughts can be very overwhelming for us; Thoughts like:

Am I accepted?
Am I understood?
Am I liked?
Am I wanted?

Through our experiences in life of dealing with rejection or losing a relationship, I've learned these thoughts can really grow and become overwhelming from us with the pain we've experienced. Sometimes one of the first steps to overcoming these thoughts is coming to terms with these few questions…

Am I loving myself properly?
Do I have an unwavering belief in my abilities?
Am I being the type of friend that’s needed?

Let’s be honest, the one thing people are going to remember you for isn’t how you looked or presented yourself but they’re going to remember the way you made them feel. Were you kind or mean? Were you selfless or selfish? Did you care or were you too caught up in yourself to hear others?

"I am not going to be able to please everyone and that's fine, but I can at least show love anyway."

So are you showing yourself the love you deserve? So that you can go out and be the type of friend that’s needed?

Are you loving yourself properly so that you can experience the fullness that life has to offer?

If you’ve made it this far reading this, I encourage you to start with really telling yourself and believing that you can be accepted no matter what you've been through in life, you are of value and capable of being understood, liked, and wanted.

It's possible for you to overcome everything that has been holding you back from becoming a true friend, that person who is wanted and remembered for the way you made others feel.

We believe this all starts with loving ourselves and doing all the work that’s needed to overcome all the things that have been holding us back from feeling the love we desire to feel.
Show yourself some love today.




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