Black Friday 2021

  For those of you, that’s been following along for the past 3 years, at this point you might know that we don’t do many sales with wake, our streetwear brand. One thing that excites me about our new brand, is us stepping outside of our high-end high-quality brand wake and stepping into a brand that has affordable price points for everyone, our new brand THEYSELF by wake.

  So today I’m spilling the tea, this year we will be participating in all the Black Friday madness! We will be having a Black Friday sale specifically for our new brand THEYSELF by wake. I think we’re going to just do it all, Black Friday, small business Saturday, and Cyber Monday? Yeah, let’s do all of that.

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  Here’s a little secret, we will be having new clothing exclusively for Black Friday!! So tell your auntie, tell your grandma, tell your cousin, the streetwear clothing company in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is doing a Black Friday sale this year!

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