6 Best Streetwear Drops of The Past - wake by Tyler Blake

Nothing is better than being able to take a step back to reflect on some of your most favorite moments from the past. It’s interesting to see where streetwear fashion is heading in the world, if we take a look at where streetwear was 10 years ago in comparison to where streetwear is today, we find that streetwear clothing is becoming a part of everyone’s daily wear even in professional environments.

Today I would like to quickly dive into taking a look back at some of my favorite drops from @wakebtb over the past 2 years. We must do this every now and then, especially as we’re currently in an offseason with @wakebtb.

With that being said let’s get started, starting with number 6.

6 - FW20 Drop 3 “BLACKOCTOBER.”

Black October was one of those drops early on into wake when the excitement with the brand started to get real. One reason for this is we just secured a new manufacture for wake clothing. Experiencing the change in the quality of our clothing was a big moment for us. BLACKOCTOBER was featured at our Chicago Pop Up Shop in October of 2019, so this is going down as one of my drops.

5 - FW21 Drop 7 “The SEI. Suit”

This corduroy suit was one of my favorite. One of the misconceptions about streetwear is it’s just hoodies and sweatpants. That isn’t true. 

4 - FW20 Drop 4 “LONEWOLF. Hoodie”

Even today the LONEWOLF. Hoodie is still one of my favorite hoodies from wake. I believe this is because the story behind the LONEWOLF. is directly connected to my story within life. It was a great time creating this piece for the brand, this hoodie is for sure one of those hoodies that is a time stamp for wake.

3 - FW21 Drop 6 “EYS. Hoodie”

I believe the EYS. Hoodie from FW21 Drop 6 was one of my favorites not only because of the aesthetic of the hoodie but also because of the marketing campaign behind it. Shooting the campaign for the EYS. Hoodie is when we first began to create set designs for our advertising campaigns. The content created for that marketing campaign was something I always wanted to do for wäke, shooting with a Polaroid camera inside of a cozy homey feeling apartment created an all around experience for this hoodie.

2 - FW21 Drop 5 “TIEDYE. Hoodie”

This was just one of my favorite drops because of all of the creative and amazing people that were a part of the campaign behind it. Having so much diversity behind this campaign brought it to life. 

1 - SS21 Drop 7 “STILLEYEAM. the colors of my HEART.” 

It’s going to be hard to create another moment like this. One reason for this is that we don’t get to see our good friend often, Monia Ashibi who we flew out to be part of the campaign for this drop. One of the most energetic and most fun campaigns we’ve ever done. There were laughs, smiles, and excitement all throughout HQ while shooting the pieces for SS21 Drop 7 and I will never forget this one. Ever.

So there we have it, it’s so important to reflect. Especially when building a streetwear clothing company from the ground up… out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Creating moments for streetwear culture within this community has been so fulfilling and I’m looking forward to many more moments like this. 

Fashion is self-expression.

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